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60 Pitt St, Cornwall, ON, K6J 3P2
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June 1st, 2024, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Outdoor event ☀️☔️


$100 (10x10 booth space)

Here's what our event in 2023 looked like:
Raised for Rescues

Here are the details


  • Vendors from all industries are invited to participate, However, vendors selling items at the event are required to have at least 50% of their products or services for animals (domestic or wild) and/or animal lovers/owners. Please note that we reserve the right to determine whether your business aligns with our event's theme.
  • We do not accept businesses that operate as multi-level marketing (MLM).
  • There is a $100 fee for each booth for event costs, marketing and advertising.
  • NO REFUNDS will be issued for any reason. (unpredictable weather, non-usage of space, cancellation of the contract...)
  • INSURANCE: If you do not already have insurance for your business. You will need to obtain and maintain a policy of a minimum of $2,000,000 in general commercial liability insurance.  Licensee must provide proof of insurance coverage.  Failure to obtain a certificate of insurance will terminate the vendor’s registration. To obtain insurance, visit your local insurance providers or check out online providers, like Duuo.
  • The titles, rights and interest in all photographic images, videos and audio recordings made during UNLEASH Pet Fest, including any royalties, proceeds or other benefits derived from these belong to UNLEASH Pet Fest.  These images may be used in future promotions of UNLEASH Pet Fest.
  • The sale of human food is ONLY allowed to be sold by food vendors approved by Eastern Ontario Health Unit


  • WEIGHTS ARE MANDATORY: Please ensure to bring along weights for your tent. Sandbags, water jugs etc. MINIMUM 25LBS This is mandatory, you’ll be on asphalt.
  • Vendors may NOT loan, give or sub-lease the stall(s) assigned to them.
  • Vendors must meet all related Ontario health and fire regulations.

Animal Rescues

  • Special Discount Price for Rescue of $50 non-refundable fee for each booth, which will go towards event costs, marketing and advertising.
  • Use this opportunity to let the community know who you are and what you need, build up your foster list show adoptable pets and Make $$$ for your foundation.
  • Bring animals comfortable in busy, loud settings and friendly with dogs, humans, and children.
  • Pack water, bedding, and cleaning supplies for your animals at the festival.
  • Have a backup plan to promptly return any struggling animal to your shelter or foster home without abandoning your booth space.
  • The sale of human food is ONLY allowed to be sold by food vendors approved by Eastern Ontario Health Unit.


  • SET-UP TIME: 8:00 am-10:30 am. Please drop off all items for your display and remove your vehicle before setting up.
    • Someone will be on-site to direct you, please call/text the event manager Beth at 613 277 7928 if you have any questions upon arrival.
  • FESTIVAL START TIME: Office Festival time is 11:00 am - 4pm. Please be set up and ready by 10:45 am.
  • TEAR DOWN: 4:00 pm, please do not tear down before 4:00 pm.
    • Vendor must have their booth disassembled and cleaned of all debris by 5:00 pm.  
    • Vendor will leave their booth restored to the condition it was in before Market Day. All vendors are responsible for cleaning up their stall area AND TAKING THEIR GARBAGE WITH THEM. Garbage cans provided in the event are for customers only.
  • PARKING is available in the nearby lots.
  • WASHROOMS are available at the Cornwall Square which is located at Pitt St and Water St E
  • FUNDRAISING: Let Us know if you want to help in our Event Fundraising Initiative. Fundraising will go towards supporting local rescues!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY♻️ : Did you know that one of our festival values is being an Eco-Friendly event? We take measurable actions toward lowering our environmental impact in a lasting, sustainable way and make sure our vendors and participants are mindful of those efforts.
    • Packaging: Styrofoam is NOT permitted as packaging for any products sold at the market.
    • Go paperless if possible. Example: QR code instead of business cards, use free apps to help you at your booth, for example, use an ipad, google form to take names for competitions or customer leads.

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All pets must be leashed and/or in carriers at all times

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