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Meet the team

They are a bunch of animal lovers who decided to volunteer their time and expertise to create a fun, pet-friendly event that celebrates the love people have for their furry, feathery,  scaly best-friends. ❤️🐦🐷🐴🐶😸🐍❤️

It all started with Beth A. who thought it would be fun to organize her own outdoor festival for Cornwall’s families and their pets.

The event had to support local pet businesses and local rescues.  It also had to be fun for all, while keeping eco-friendly initiatives.♻️

Beth N., Emily, and Cristian loved Beth’s crazy, ambitious ideas so they decided to team up to bring Cornwall’s Very First Outdoor Pet Festival.

Unleash Pet Photography, Urroz, and WAGS Canine Retreat with their pets.
Beth Alexander from Unleash Pet Fest

Beth Alexander

Beth is the owner and photographer at Unleash Pet Photography.

She provides premium mobile pet photography services that comes right to your doorstep.

The studio is inside a converted cargo trailer, saving her customers time, money and travel.

The convenience of the mobile studio is also a perfect option for aging pets, small pets or pets with mobility issues.


Beth Nolet from WAGS Canine Retreat

Beth Nolet

Beth is the owner of WAGS Canine Retreat, a family run operation for dogs & cats.  WAGS offers a variety of services from boarding, daycare, boot camp, to play dates.  

Situated centrally between Ottawa, Brockville and Cornwall set on 75 picturesque acres of forest and fields, WAGS Canine Retreat offers the idyllic home away from home for your beloved pets.


Cris & Emily from Urroz

Cristian & Emily Urroz

Cris & Emily are URROZ, the Branding, Web and Graphic  Design dream team.

Whether you’re a new company trying to make an impression or a long-time business looking for a refreshed look, they can help you achieve it all.


Here's what our event in 2023 looked like:
Raised for Rescues

Here's what we're all about        

Our Vision

At Unleash Pet Festival, we envision a warm and inclusive environment in Cornwall where pet enthusiasts and their beloved companions gather for shared enjoyment, celebrating the immense happiness that pets bring into our lives. Our vision encompasses a diverse community coming together, united by their love for pets and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie.

Our Values

Animal Enthusiasm:

We are a group of animal lovers dedicated to promoting the well-being of all creatures. Our values are grounded in a deep respect for pet welfare and responsible ownership.

Local Support:

We prioritize supporting local pet businesses and rescue organizations, fostering connections within our community.

Inclusive Gatherings:

Our events are designed to be enjoyable for everyone, embracing the diversity of pets and their owners.

Eco-Friendly Practices:

Committed to sustainability, we integrate eco-friendly initiatives into every aspect of our festival to minimize our environmental impact.

Our Purpose

Unleash Pet Festival was born from a desire to provide families and their pets with a memorable outdoor experience in Cornwall. Led by Beth A.'s vision, our purpose is to create an entertaining and supportive space that celebrates the bond between pets and their families. Through fun and eco-conscious initiatives, we aim to foster community spirit while promoting responsible and compassionate pet ownership. 

Join us on June 1 for Unleash Pet Fest 2024

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